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Interactive paperbook Canal du Midi 150 miles in 360°

Now available for sale

Discover the Canal du Midi like you have never seen it
before. No, it is not one more book on the famous canal, neither a
serie of beautiful reflexion of plane trees and boats. Our proposition
is a subtil mix of traditional images and "out-of-this-world"
manipulated views of the Canal du Midi, with a touch of technology to
really offer you a rich immersive experience.

Along the 150 miles of the Canal du Midi, our exclusive virtual tours will
let you discover the most beautiful highlights of the region's cultural,
historical and natutal heritage. The Canal du Midi at your fingertips.

  • 172 premium color pages with hardcover
  • 33 communes along the Canal du Midi
  • 228 photos and panoramic views
  • 55 Flash/ QR codes + Exclusive Virtual Tours
  • Informative & narrative texts
  • GPS coordinates
  • Compatible Mac/Pc, iOS/Android/Window
  • English + French
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