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Pilot book to discover the Canal du Midi

a virtual tour experience on a paper book

The book Canal du Midi - 150 miles in 360° presents a unique yet very accessible approach of the french man-made waterway built from 1661 to 1681  by engineer Pierre-paul Riquet under the reign of king Louis XIV, listed as a Unesco sites since 1996.
The project offers several visual perspectives of the Canal du Midi cultural, natural and historical highlights. The photography reportage invites, through mix of factual images and 360-degrees digital projections, to discover the Canal du Midi with a more imaginative and original vision.
The travel experience is complete with the use of additional multimedia contents, the book uses QR/Flash codes to give access to exclusive 360-degrees virtual tours along and around the Canal du Midi.
For over a year, photographer Melkan Bassil as travelled around the Canal du Midi and created a portfolio of images, panoramas and virtual tours of 33 must-see cities, villages and locations.
Informative and narative texts are available in english and french. It is NOT a guide with practical information about restaurants and hotels, it is a book that will truly help you select and plan the places YOU want to visit by yourself...
Yes, the book is interactive and it is a REAL paperbook, made of 172 pages with an hardcover that feels good when you touch it :)
We believe that Books are not dead and Technology is not a crime...
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Canal du Midi - 150 miles in 360° is printed using the industry's leading service in Print-On-Demand technology. It means that your copy is printed upon your order, it's really your copy in way. Yet, it is not the only positive aspect of the service, it is more ecological friendly, it makes a project available worldwide, the shipping cost are included in our pricing and it only takes 6 to 12 days to have your order delivered.
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